About Unconvincing:

Unconvinced and Inconvenienced Name: n/a Race: Shape-Shifter/Demi-god/Cursed Demon Likes: None Dislikes: None Im okay with cyber or erp as long as role play leads to it! Rp Likes:Romance/Action/harem/adventure/submissive/Dominant even Incest Rp Dislikes:Gore/Blood/nothing that has to do with extreme pain, death or blood leaking of any kind, no diseases either! I hide behind this mask because I'm weak and scared. Scared of what you'd think of me when I'm without it. I'm trapped...In snared by the very mask that was supposed to free me. what does my face look like you ask? I don't...... remember, did I even have a face? Was I good looking? All there is left is the hallow shell of who I was, am and will be.....In other words a mask. yeah I rp just don't expect alot from me I don't paragraph on this acc Stay away or Never leave